Providing graphic design and web development services for small to medium organisations.

Hi, I’m Justin : )

I’ve helped lots of businesses and organisations with their web development and graphic design, simply & directly. I can help your organisation promote your service or products more effectively, with the time and cost savings of dealing directly with the designer and developer. Me!

Graphic design

With 25 years of graphic design and 10+ years of web experience I believe I can help with your graphic design needs for print and screen. Think printed brochures, annual reports and logos and onscreen designs for banners, websites pages and emails with impact.

Web design & development

If you’ve got the product / service you need a website. I can help you with the design and development of a website that promotes your product / service and looks great. Using an easy step by step process of website creation, I can work with your ideas to build a site structure and page layouts that are on brand and target the right audience. Don’t have a brand? Let’s create one. Or do you have an uninspiring site? I can help you transform the site’s look and usability to something you’re proud of and improves user experience (UX) and retention.

WordPress CMS

Most websites on the web are created with WordPress. WordPress is a Content Management System (CMS) which makes it easy for someone with no development experience to change text, images, colors, layout, etc. If your after a website that will need edits and additional content (and quite frankly there’s not many that don’t) then WordPress is a perfect solution. Add to this the thousands of free and paid plugins that can easily be added to expand the functionality of your site. From a simple enquiry form to an entire e-commerce environment.

Web services

Are you in the market for a website but don’t know the first thing about setting one up. I can provide you with the pros & cons and costs of the website setup process and then help set up an online environment that fits your business’ needs. I pride myself on good service, great relationships and adding value to an organisation’s websites goals. I can also help with implementing analytics and improving SEO and site speed.